Scania partnered up with other car manufacturers have decided to help the Wester African country Burkina Faso by providing busses for feasible mobility through the bus rapid transit solution, also called the BRT.

To assist the Ouagadougou Mobility project, which is run to modernize the public transport system in Burkina Faso, a sum of 304 busses will be provided to the city by Scania. This project was commenced to help reduce the use of overloaded buses and trucks and help relieve the environment from excessive carbon emissions. The BRT solution also has the utmost support from the Swedish government.

Under the bus rapid transit solution, Scania will provide 138 low entry busses of 13 and 15 meters, 10 articulated busses, and 30 coaches, all made by Marcopolo. These buses will not emit excessive amounts of carbon dioxide as they run on biofuels, thus minimizing the carbon emissions. Furthermore, Volkswagen Camino will also provide Ouagadougou with 126 minibusses, again by Marcopolo, which will route on feeder lines.

Besides the busses, Scania will also provide training to the drivers and the technicians at SOTRACO, which is Ouagadougou's public transport. In addition, an ITS system, that is, the intelligent transport system and fleet management, will also be provided. Scania’s Head of Strategic Projects, Mr. Nicolas Lougovoy, says he is very proud to be a part of a firm like Scania that is contributing to the development of Burkina Faso. He further adds that this project is credited to the skills of Scania and its partner RATP also called Régie autonome des transports parisiens. If this project succeeds, it will greatly impact the African transport industry.

The managing director of Scania, Mr. Johan Kohler, says that based in Ghana, we are proud to say that we have had a good impact on the transport industries in countries like Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and even Burkina Faso today. Our only aim is to maximize the most eco-friendly way to transport and provide a comforting mobility system in all countries.